Hotel Barge Cruise Fleets and Specialist Agents

Expert Advice and Guidance

Using the uniquely comprehensive resources of the website, including our BargeFinder Directory, you can contact some hotel barges individually and directly – receive individual and direct responses – and make your own judgements based on what you find out. There are many advantages in so doing.

However, with at least 70 separate hotel barges cruising the varied rivers and canals of France, each with its own qualities, history, style and culture, there are also considerable advantages in using the services of a specialist hotel barge agent to assist the process of assessment and selection. In fact, some hotel barges prefer to operate only through a limited number of these selected experts. There is a small but significant number of them, they are distributed around the world, and over the last 30-40 years in partnership with the hotel barges themselves, they have played an important part in developing the entire sector, in the process helping to make it more customer-focused and more professional.

A luxury hotel barge vacation or holiday in France has the potential to be one of life’s most enjoyable and memorable activities. Naturally, there is a commensurate cost, although the value of such a unique experience is substantial too. Exploiting the skill and experience of a specialist to make the right decision, taking advantage of their assistance and guidance,  incurs no additional charge; the price that is paid through such agents is the same as would be the case if booking direct.

And of course, many specialists provide all those necessary or complementary other services – for example, arranging flights, tours, visits and hotels beyond the hotel barge cruise itself.