Hotel Barge Owners and Specialist Agencies
- Getting Included, Getting Connected -

We welcome enquiries about ‘getting included’ from hotel barge owners, operators and fleets; and from specialist agencies.

The key points are –

    • Exposure
      Inclusion in the most popular online source of information about enjoying the French waterways,
      currently averaging some 2,500 individual visitors each week and approaching 1,000 page-views per day.
    • Relevance
      Inclusion in the Hotel Barges sub-section, part of our new comprehensive Holidays and Vacations section
      which already has extensive Hire Boat information and which also features River Cruises.
    • Depth
      Multiple links within the site to and from information about regional attractions, canal cruising
      guidance, hotel barging FAQs, a typical hotel barge cruise, specialist agent benefits,
      and a searchable directory of the hotel barges themselves.
    • Quality
      Clear, attractive – and persuasive – individual information pages detail hotel barge attractions
      or specialist agent skills. Words, images and video clips.
    • Voice
      Barges and Specialists use their own words and images on their information pages,
      to communicate and present their own particular message.
    • Direction
      Enquiries from hotel barge information pages can either be sent direct to owners or to a nominated agent,
      or to an agent determined by an enquirer’s geographic location.
    • Connection
      Bespoke enquiry form/email or telephone number.
    • Scope
      Participation is open to both hotel barges and specialist agents.
    • Simplicity
      We do not levy any commission on direct-to-owner bookings;
      having information included will attract a modest annual charge, similar to an advertisement or directory entry.
    • Evaluation
      There is a limited free trial period offer.
    • Partnership
      We are happy to work with owners and agents to develop their information on the website in the way they want (subject of course, to our overall editorial style and structure parameters)

For more information, just contact us  (hotelbarges©french-waterways,com)  .

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