Boat equipment French regulations

Equipment On-Board Boats – the French Regulations

These are the French regulations regarding boat equipment and safety.

Boat between 2.5m and 24m length

  • Ground tackle (anchor, chain and rode) adapted to the length of the boat
  • Two mooring lines of more than 5 metres, at least equal to the length of the boat
  • Two oars, or a paddle and an oar (boats under 8 metres)
  • A boat-hook
  • A horseshoe lifebuoy or life-ring
  • One lifejacket per person on-board (lifejackets must be worn on sports boats)
  • An air pump – inflatable boats
  • An ignition safety cut-off device – sports boats
  • One or more CE type approved fire extinguishers
  • A bailer (attached) – boats of 5 metres or less
  • A rigid 7 litre bucket – boats over 5 metres
  • A first aid kit (bandages, gauze, tape, topical antiseptic, etc.).

Boat over 24m length

  • Ground tackle (anchor, chain and rode)
  • Floating fenders
  • Three wire cables (100, 60 and 30 meters) or hawsers
  • Equipment required for visual and sound signals and the marking of vessels
  • Emergency lights (for signalling stationary grounded or sunken vessels)
  • A blue flag
  • Minimum 3 extinguishers (6kg) appropriate to risks
  • A rescue tarpaulin (can be subject to dispensation)
  • A passarelle (0.40m x 4m) with handrails
  • A boathook
  • Binoculars
  • A first aid kit
  • An axe
  • Two horse-shoe lifebuoys or life-rings
  • One container with lid for storing oily rags,
  • A man overboard notice
  • A megaphone
  • A boarding ladder (if freeboard is greater than 1.5m).
  • One EN395 type approved lifejacket per person on-board
  • An emergency dinghy

Wearing a lifejacket is obligatory whenever there is a serious risk of falling-in, also at many large locks (for example on the Seine, Saone and Rhone).