River Cruises – The Seine, Paris, Rouen and Honfleur

The River Seine, flowing westwards from Paris, is an ideal cruising river. Slow moving, calm and clean, it will carry you to your cruising destinations at just the right pace and close enough for an intimate view of the scenery and the pretty bankside villages and towns en route. Whether your cruise starts from Honfleur at its estuary (English Channel) end and finishes in Paris or you cruise from Paris to Honfleur you’ll find this enchanting river full of interest and nature its entire length. As it meanders through the flat plains of north-west France, each turn brings a new vista; there will be a few other cruising and commercial vessels en route but for most of the time you’ll have this calm and peaceful waterway to yourself.

There are wonderful destinations to visit along the way – your itinerary may well include Giverney where you can visit Monet’s house and famous water-lily garden, the wonderful city of Rouen, with its Cathedral and where Joan of Arc met her end, and Honfleur itself, a delightful medieval town, still with its seven-storey quayside houses.

The Seine winds through Paris itself, providing endless opportunities to see the sights up close on both left and right banks. There are many quayside stopping places so that you can easily visit La Defence, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and many other important tourist landmarks, and also sample the wonderful cuisine in the cafes and restaurants in many of Paris’ ‘quartiers’. Many cruises offer an evening cruise through the city, an excellent way to appreciate the river and the sparkling lights of the city and its attractions.

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