Information about the 272 km long Canal de la Meuse

River Canal Meuse France Map

The Meuse is one of the great navigable rivers of Europe. It is canalised throughout most of its course in France and Belgium and bypassed by the Juliana Canal in the Netherlands province of Limburg, to continue as a free-flow navigation down to the Rhine delta. Canal de la Meuse is the name now given to the waterway which runs from Belgian border (where it is a high-capacity Class Va waterway) to the Canal de la Marne au Rhin at Troussey, a distance of 272km. The river offers spectacular scenery where it cuts deep into the Ardennes hills downstream of Charleville-Mézières.River Canal Meuse Region France Map

History – The river Meuse was canalised as the northern branch of the ‘Canal de l’Est’, a strategic link connecting the country’s canals within the border after Alsace and Lorraine were occupied in 1871. The link was authorised by laws voted by the Assemblée Nationale in 1872 and 1874, and works began immediately. The canal was completed in 1880. The waterway is retained in the  priority national network only up to the junction with the Canal des Ardennes. The remaining 180 km is to be handed over to the regions Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine.

Key Waterway Dimensions

  • Max Beam: 5.20m
  • Max Height: 3.50m
  • Max Draught: 1.80m


Locks – There are 59 locks, overcoming a difference in level of almost 150m. The first lock, close to the Belgian border, has a length of 100m and a width of 12m, giving access for high-capacity barges to the port of Givet. From Givet to Verdun, lock dimensions are 48.30 by 5.70m. The locks above Verdun have the standard ‘Freycinet’ dimensions of 38.50 by 5.20m. There are numerous automatic locks, indicated in the distance table. See the general instructions for the passage of such locks in Part I (p.20).

Draught – The maximum authorised draught is 1.80m throughout.

Headroom – The minimum headroom is 3.50m above normal water level.

Towpath – There is a towpath throughout.

Tunnels – There are four tunnels, at Ham, Revin, Verdun and Koeurs. Particulars are as follows:

Length Width Depth Headroom Towpath
Ham (PK 8) 565.00 5.80 2.20 3.60 No
Revin (PK 39) 224.00 5.95 2.20 3.60 Yes
Verdun (PK 204) 45.00 5.80 2.20 3.70 Yes
Kœurs (PK 250) 50.00 5.80 2.20 3.70 Yes

Authority – VNF – Direction interrégionale du Nord-Est
–    Port de Givet, BP 155, 08600 Givet (PK 0-79)
–    1, rue de l’Ormicée, BP 523, 55012 Bar-le-Duc cedex (PK 239.5-272)

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River Canal Meuse Waterway Map

Route description

PK 0.0     Belgian border, junction with Belgian Meuse (just upstream of Heer bridge)
PK 0.5     Lock 59 (Quatre Cheminées), beginning of 2.3km lock-cut, l/b
PK 2.2     Port of Givet, basins l/b
PK 2.7     Bridge (service road, access to weir)
PK 2.8     Flood gate and weir, navigation re-enters Meuse
PK 4.0     Givet bridge, mooring for 30 boats, u/s & d/s, l/b, night €2.05-4.10, water, electricity, showers, restaurant, town spreads on both banks
PK 7.1     Lock 58 (Trois Fontaines), bridge, 2.3km lock-cut l/b
PK 7.4     Northern entrance to Ham tunnel, length 565m
PK 8.0     Southern entrance to Ham tunnel
PK 8.4     Lock 57 (Ham), bridge
PK 9.4     Flood gate and weir, lift bridge, navigation re-enters Meuse, channel changes to r/b side, Aubrives l/b
PK 13.1     Lock 56 (Mouyon) in 350m lock-cut, r/b
PK 14.3     Vireux bridge, small quay for 9 boats d/s l/b, night €6.10, water, electricity, shower, slipway, village l/b behind island
PK 17.1     Lock 55 (Montigny), 1.9km lock-cut, r/b
PK 17.7     Bridge (Jean Matine)
PK 18.9     Weir, footbridge, navigation  re-enters Meuse
PK 22.4     Lock 54 (Fépin) in 380m lock-cut, r/b
PK 22.6     Bridge (Fépin)
PK 22.8     Flood gate and weir, navigation re-enters Meuse
PK 23.9     Quay (Moraipré) r/b
PK 24.8     Haybes bridge, quay for 4 boats d/s r/b, water, slipway, town r/b
PK 25.7     Lock 53 (Vanne-Alcorps) in 610m lock-cut, r/b
PK 26.3     Flood gate and weir, navigation re-enters Meuse
PK 27.4     Fumay bridge, quay u/s l/b, all services, small town, channel changes to l/b side
PK 30.4     Lock 52 (Roche d’Uf) in 130m lock-cut, l/b
PK 31.2     Ferry for slate-works
PK 32.9     Railway bridge, footbridge
PK 33.0     Lock 51 (Saint-Joseph) in 300m lock-cut, l/b
PK 35.8     Mooring at camp-site l/b
PK 39.1     Lock 50 (Revin), VHF 20, automatic, in 420m lock-cut, r/b, mooring for 10 boats on Meuse u/s of lock-cut entrance, night €4.45, water, electricity, shower, slipway
PK 39.2     Revin tunnel, length 224m, controlled by lights
PK 39.5     Navigation re-enters Meuse, channel on r/b side
PK 40.4     Bridge (Orzy)
PK 40.7     Lock 49 (Orzy) in 300m lock-cut, r/b
PK 43.5     Bridge
PK 44.8     Anchamps quay l/b, small village
PK 45.0     Railway bridge
PK 45.4     Lock 48 (Dames de Meuse), automatic, in 2.1km lock-cut, r/b
PK 47.3     Footbridge
PK 47.4     End of lock-cut, navigation re-enters Meuse
PK 48.0     Bridge (Laifour)
PK 48.5     Railway bridge, quay u/s r/b, water
PK 50.0     Lock 47 (Commune), automatic, in 350m lock-cut, r/b
PK 50.4     Quay r/b (Laifour), mooring for 8 boats, water, electricity
PK 51.8     Quay r/b (Grande Commune)
PK 52.5     Mairupt island, pass on r/b side
PK 53.7     Deville quay l/b, village behind railway
PK 54.2     Lock 46 (Deville), automatic, in 3km lock-cut, r/b
PK 57.1     Flood gate, navigation re-enters Meuse
PK 58.5     Monthermé bridge, mooring u/s l/b, water, small town, channel changes to l/b side
PK 59.0     Industrial quay r/b
PK 59.8     Quay (Saint-Rémy) r/b
PK 61.0     Railway bridge
PK 61.6     Private quay l/b, water and electricity

These moorings at Charleville-Mézières – the biggest town on the canalised river Meuse – are tempting, but a longish walk from the centre. Boaters may prefer the marina on the by-passed river arm, turning left below the second railway bridge. © Pascal LEMAITRE/Doc VNF
These moorings at Charleville-Mézières – the biggest town on the canalised river Meuse – are tempting, but a longish walk from the centre. Boaters may prefer the marina on the by-passed river arm, turning left below the second railway bridge. © Pascal LEMAITRE/Doc VNF

PK 62.4     Château-Regnault bridge, mooring for 6 boats (free) u/s r/b, water, electricity, slipway, village overlooked by rocky peaks (Rocher des 4 Fils Aymon)
PK 63.8     Lock 45 (Levrézy) in 250m lock-cut, l/b
PK 65.1     Braux bridge, mooring d/s l/b, village l/b
PK 69.4     Joigny bridge, mooring d/s r/b, village r/b
PK 70.1     Lock 44 (Joigny) in 300m lock-cut, l/b, bridge
PK 72.7     Nouzonville bridge, quay d/s r/b
PK 74.4     Château de la Pierronnerie, l/b
PK 76.9     Overhead power lines
PK 79.0     Private quay r/b
PK 79.1     Lock 43 (Montcy) in 400m lock-cut, r/b, bridge
PK 79.4     Bridge (Montcy-Notre Dame), VNF office
PK 79.6     End of lock-cut, boats may navigate the Meuse 1km downstream to port de plaisance, r/b, mooring for

Charleville-Mézières, 88 berths, night €11.40, water, electricity, showers, slipway, restaurant, wifiCharlevilleMezieresPlan
PK 79.7     Railway bridge
PK 80.4     Private quays l/b
PK 81.0     Railway bridge
PK 81.2     Entrance to Mézières lock-cut, r/b, possible mooring on Meuse 200m u/s, l/b
PK 81.3     Lock 42 (Mézières), VHF 20, automatic, water

PK 81.6     Bridge
PK 81.7     End of lock-cut, turn left into Meuse
PK 81.9     Railway bridge
PK 84.1     Quay (Roméry) r/b
PK 84.3     Lock 41 (Roméry), automatic, in 1.6km lock-cut, r/b
PK 84.9     Bridge
PK 85.9     End of lock-cut, bridge
PK 86.8     Motorway bridge (A203), bridge (Lumes), quay u/s r/b, village 600m
PK 87.1     Railway bridge
PK 88.4     Private quay r/b
PK 89.2     Meander cutoff (Ayvelles), l/b
PK 92.3     Flize disused railway bridge, private quay d/s l/b
PK 93.5     Nouvion bridge, town beyond railway, r/b
PK 94.8     Lock 40 (Dom-le-Mesnil), automatic, in 500m lock-cut, l/b
PK 96.3     Junction with Canal des Ardennes  Pont-à-Bar, l/b
PK 97.3     Confluence of Bar, meander cut-off l/b
PK 99.6     Lock 39 (Donchery), automatic, in 900m lock-cut, l/b
PK 100.1     Donchery bridge, town r/b
PK 101.2     Overhead power lines
PK 102.9     Railway bridge, private quay d/s l/b
PK 103.3     Lock 38 (Villette), in 1.5km lock-cut, motorway bridge (A203)
PK 103.7     Bridge (Villette)
PK 104.1     Lights controlling lock access r/b
PK 104.6     Bridge (Glaire)
PK 104.9     End of lock-cut
PK 105.2     Private quay r/b (textile factory)
PK 106.6     Bridge (Pont Neuf)
PK 106.7     Entrance to Sedan lock-cut, l/b
PK 107.0     Lock 37 (Sedan), automatic, bridge, water
PK 107.4     Sedan public quay r/b (alternative mooring in Meuse along camp-site), night €10, water, electricity, showers, slipway, centre 1000m
PK 107.5     End of lock-cut
PK 107.7     Bridge (Pont de la Gare), private quay u/s l/b
PK 108.8     Bridge (N43 Sedan bypass)
PK 110.2     Overhead power line
PK 111.9     Meander cut-off l/b
PK 112.3     Railway bridge
PK 112.7     Entrance to 5.4km lock-cut, l/b, Meuse navigable 700m u/s to quay (Bazeilles, Hôtel du Port)
PK 112.8     Lock 36 (Remilly-Aillicourt), automatic
PK 113.7     Bridge (Aillicourt), private quay upstream l/b
PK 115.1     Remilly bridge, quay upstream l/b, village behind railway
PK 116.5     Bridge (Petit Remilly)
PK 118.0     Flood gate, end of lock-cut
PK 119.7     Villers-devant-Mouzon l/b, ferry, meander cut-off r/b
PK 122.5     Lock 35 (Mouzon), 1.5km lock-cut, r/b
PK 123.1     Bridge (Fourberie)
PK 123.4     Mouzon, quay l/b for short-term mooring (narrow lock-cut), for 10 boats, night €7.60, water, electricity, shower, slipway
PK 123.6     Bridge
PK 123.8     Private footbridge, private quay u/s r/b, services
PK 124.0     End of lock-cut
PK 130.8     Lock 34 (Alma), 1.0km lock-cut, r/b
PK 131.7     End of lock-cut
PK 134.6     Létanne quay l/b, meander cutoff r/b
PK 137.4     Entrance to Pouilly lock-cut, l/b, towpath bridge over Meuse
PK 137.9     Lock 33 (Pouilly), bridge, water, village 300m r/b
PK 138.1     End of lock-cut
PK 140.3     Meander cut-off l/b
PK 141.8     Entrance to 6.4km canal section, Inor quay, village r/b
PK 142.2     Lock 32 (Inor), bridge
PK 143.7     Martincourt-sur-Meuse bridge, basin u/s r/b
PK 146.9     Bridge (Cervizy)
PK 148.1     Flood lock (Stenay), bridge, end of lock-cut
PK 148.6     Stenay quays both banks, small town 500m, mooring for 16 boats in unnavigable arm r/b, night €7, water, electricity, shower, slipway
PK 148.8     Lock 31 (Stenay), bridge, water
PK 149.4     Bridge
PK 149.5     Weir l/b
PK 151.3     Entrance to 7.2km canal section, r/b
PK 152.1     Lock 30 (Mouzay), bridge
PK 152.6     Mouzay bridge, quay d/s r/b, village 700m
PK 153.0     Pipeline crossing
PK 153.7     Bridge
PK 155.5     Lock 29 (Sep), bridge
PK 158.4     Flood gate (Sassey), bridge
PK 158.6     End of canal section, navigation re-enters Meuse
PK 160.5     Meander cut-off, r/b
PK 160.7     Site of a former railway bridge
PK 161.8     End of cut-off (distance measured on Meuse)
PK 161.9     Dun-sur-Meuse quay, village r/b
PK 162.3     Lock 28 (Dun), bridge
PK 162.6     Dun-sur-Meuse port de plaisance opposite weir, Meuse Nautic hire base, 24 berths, night €7, fuel, water, electricity, showers, slipway, restaurant
PK 163.8     Entrance to 7.9km canal section, r/b
PK 164.0     Lock 27 (Warinvaux)
PK 165.7     Lock 26 (Liny-devant-Dun), bridge, village 700m r/b
PK 166.9     Quay r/b
PK 171.2     Flood lock (Vilosne), bridge, village r/b
PK 171.7     Weir l/b, end of canal section
PK 172.5     Entrance to 4.2km canal section, r/b
PK 172.7     Lock 25 (Planchette), r/b, bridge
PK 174.2     Sivry-sur-Meuse bridge, basin r/b, village 600m r/b
PK 174.7     Bridge
PK 176.7     Flood gate (Sivry-sur-Meuse), bridge, navigation re-enters Meuse
PK 179.0     Lock 24 (Consenvoye) in short lock-cut, r/b (lock chamber with sloping sides), bridge,  quay for 5 boats, water, village r/b
PK 181.1     Entrance to 20.8km canal section, r/b
PK 181.3     Lock 23 (Brabant), bridge
PK 183.8     Bridge
PK 184.4     Lock 22 (Samogneux), bridge
PK 186.5     Champneuville bridge, basin u/s r/b
PK 188.4     Lock 21 (Champ), bridge
PK 194.1     Vacherauville bridge, basin u/s r/b (silted up)
PK 195.7     Bras-sur-Meuse bridge, village r/b

Verdun Mooring Meuse
Excellent pontoon moorings await boaters in Verdun, close to the town centre.© Fran Babiss

PK 196.2     Lock 20 (Bras), bridge, water
PK 198.5     Quay for grain silo l/b, water, telephone
PK 199.5     Bridge
PK 200.2     Thierville-sur-Meuse bridge, quay d/s r/b
PK 201.5     Belleville-sur-Meuse basin, D964 along r/b
PK 201.9     Flood gate (Belleville), bridge, navigation  re-enters Meuse
PK 202.0     Railway bridge
PK 202.6     Bridge (Galavande), quay u/s r/b
PK 203.3     Verdun bridge (Porte Chaussée), quay u/s r/b, 30 berths, water, electricity, slipway, town centre on l/b
PK 203.6     Bridge (Legay), in bend (danger), Meuse divides immediately upstream, take r/b arm
PK 203.8     Bridge (narrow, followed by bend)
PK 204.1     Quay r/b, close to ramparts
PK 204.4     Lock 19 (Verdun), VHF 20, water, subdivisional engineer’s office
PK 204.4     Tunnel (length 45m) under ramparts
PK 204.8     Weir (Grand Gueulard) l/b, watch out for cross-current
PK 205.1     Bridge, quay d/s l/b
PK 207.0     Entrance to 30km canal section, r/b
PK 207.4     Lock 18 (Belleray), bridge
PK 209.5     Bridge (Haudainville)
PK 210.4     Lock 17 (Haudainville), bridge
PK 211.6     Motorway bridge (A4)VerdunPlan
PK 212.8     Basin l/b (silted up)
PK 213.7     Bridge
PK 214.8     Lock 16 (Dieue-Aval), bridge
PK 216.3     Bridge
PK 216.5     Lock 15 (Dieue), bridge, quay for 4 boats u/s r/b, water, electricity, village l/b
PK 217.6     Bridge
PK 219.3     Bridge
PK 220.7     Bridge
PK 221.1     Génicourt-sur-Meuse bridge, quay d/s  r/b, village 700m r/b
PK 222.4     Bridge
PK 222.8     Ambly-sur-Meuse bridge, basin d/s r/b
PK 222.9     Lock 14 (Ambly)
PK 225.3     Bridge
PK 225.8     Lock 13 (Troyon), bridge
PK 226.8     Bridge
PK 227.9     Quay (Troyon) r/b, mooring for 6 boats
PK 229.7     Bridge
PK 230.7     Lacroix-sur-Meuse bridge, basin u/s r/b, pontoons for 5/8 boats, water, village 400m
PK 231.2     Lock 12 (Lacroix), bridge, water
PK 232.0     Railway bridge (TGV Est)
PK 234.1     Lock 11 (Rouvrois), bridge, village r/b
PK 236.2     Maizey bridge, quay d/s l/b, basin r/b
PK 236.7     Flood gate, bridge
PK 237.9     Weir (Maizey), l/b, navigation re-enters Meuse
PK 239.0     Cliffs, r/b
PK 240.8     Saint-Mihiel bridge, boat club moorings d/s r/b, small town r/b
PK 241.5     Entrance to lock-cut, r/b
PK 241.6     Lock 10 (Saint-Mihiel), bridge, pontoon moorings for 7 boats u/s r/b, water, electricity, restaurant
PK 243.0     Flood gate, bridge
PK 243.2     Weir (Mont-Meuse) l/b, navigation re-enters Meuse
PK 244.4     Meander cut-off r/b
PK 246.3     Bridge (Koeur-la-Grande)
PK 246.5     Entrance to lock-cut, l/b
PK 247.0     Lock 9 (Koeur-la-Petite), bridge
PK 248.0     Lock 8 (Han), bridge
PK 248.8     Railway bridge (no visibility, sound horn)
PK 249.6     Kœur tunnel (length 50m) under D964 and railway, right-angle bends at each end, sound horn
PK 251.4     Bridge
PK 252.2     Sampigny bridge, quay l/b, village l/b beyond railway
PK 254.9     Lock 7 (Vadonville), bridge
PK 256.3     Lérouville bridge, quay d/s r/b, village 800m l/b
PK 256.8     Bridge
PK 257.6     Railway bridges
PK 258.1     Flood lock, bridge, footbridge navigation re-enters Meuse
PK 259.2     Entrance to lock-cut, l/b
PK 260.6     Disused railway skew bridge
PK 260.8     Lock 6 (Commercy), bridge, industrial quay u/s l/b
PK 262.0     Commercy bridge, public quay u/s l/b, diesel, water, electricity, small town 500m l/b, beyond railway
PK 263.1     Weir (Allemands) r/b, navigation re-enters Meuse
PK 265.1     Entrance to canal section, r/b
PK 266.3     Lock 5 (Euville), bridge, quay for 2 boats u/s r/b, water, restaurant, village 1000m r/b
PK 268.4     Vertuzey bridge, quay u/s r/b, water, electricity
PK 270.3     Bridge and railway bridge
PK 270.4     Lock 4 (Sorcy), bridge, quay u/s r/b
PK 271.1     Lock 3 (Sorcy), bridge
PK 271.9     Lock 2 (Sorcy)
PK 272.4     Lock 1 (Troussey), VHF 20, water, footbridge, junction with Canal de la Marne au Rhin (PK 111.3)

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