Port la Nouvelle

Port la Nouvelle is the most south-westerly of the possible exit points from the waterways into the Mediterranean (or vice versa), the closest to the Spanish border. Its use is restricted by the depths both of the Canal de la Robine (especially close to Port la Nouvelle) and the Canal du Midi itself. The books say 1.5m T.E (tirant d’eau – minimum depth) but experience is that this is somewhat optimistic.

Voyaging on?

If you’re travelling on from Port la Nouvelle, then Jim Baerselman’s Mediterranean Cruising Guide is the marine equivalent of french-waterways.com, with fully detailed information about places, passages and practicalities.

Harbour Entrance

Port la Nouvelle harbour entrance, looking east out to sea.


Port la Nouvelle port de plaisance

In 2008 mooring charges in the marina were 13.53€ per night for an 11m boat. Capitainerie 04 68 27 06 09 (Bruno). An un-masting / re-masting service is available from the chandlery-mechanic along the quayside – D’Gees Nautic (Eric and Ghislaine Douyere) 04 68 48 04 18 (fax 04 68 40 34 61 which in France might be surer than email – douyere,eric©9business,fr  (%20douyere,eric©9business,fr)   ).

Small boat pontoons

Immediately above the marina, beyond a road bridge and opposite the entrance to the canal.

Canal de la Robine

Port la Nouvelle, Canal de la Robine

Entrance to the 16km long Canal de la Robine (opposite the small boat pontoons), which connects the Mediterranean with the Canal du Midi, via Narbonne. This lower section is quite shallow, prone to silting, especially immediately under the bridge (note the dent in it!) – depths may go down to 1m just there although regular dredging presumably does take place. Checking in advance with the capitainerie at Port la Nouvelle might be advisable.