FRANCE AFLOAT IS OFFERING A MASSIVE 30% DISCOUNT on its remaining boats available in July = now!

Their excellent fleet of self-drive hire-boats is based in beautiful Bourgogne, central France, and on the renowned Canal du Midi in southern France. The discount is fantastic value at one-third off the peak-season price – priced to sell-out.

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Croisieurope Loire Princess river cruise
Loire Princess river cruise


Europe’s largest river cruise line, CroisiEurope, is to introduce cruises along the River Loire starting in April 2015.

This will be the first time that a riverboat has ever operated an itinerary on France’s longest river and its design reflects the nature of this waterway. The Loire Princesse will be an ultra-modern brand new paddle steamer – a configuration that suits the shallowness of the river but is also environmentally friendly.

Prices, as ever with CroisiEurope, are highly competitive – 8 days from around 1700€ per person.

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Euroclassic 129
Euroclassic self-drive canal barge

Euroclassic boats are uniquely modelled on the style of bigger barges, with all of the space, stability and practicality that this implies. They are also exceptionally comfortable, with all necessary facilities and features to make a boating holiday or vacation on the rivers and canals of France extremely enjoyable.

Renting a self-drive Euroclassic barge is the ideal way to discover the charm, culture and history of France, with the freedom to stop whenever and often wherever you please. No previous boating experience or licence is required – and the family dog can come too!

 Our association with France Afloat (creators of the Euroclassic range) means that we now offer these unique boats for self-drive boating holidays and vacations.

There are four Euroclassic self-drive barge models available for hire, ranging from 15m to 12m (8+ people to 4+ people on-board) – and each one is spacious and comfortable.

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Linssen 33.9 AC
Linssen 33.9 Aft Cabin


From their base in Holland, Linssen make some of the world’s most desirable inland (and coastal) steel cruising motor boats. They are designed and built with the utmost care, professionalism and attention to detail.

 Our association with France Afloat (Linssen sole French agents) means that we now offer these exceptional boats for self-drive boating holidays and vacations.

There are six Linssen models available for hire, ranging from 11m to 8m (4+ people to 2 people on-board) – and each one is of the highest comfort and quality.

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Taking a cruise on a hotel barge on the rivers and canals of France is one of the most memorable holidays or vacations imaginable:

  • France – the world’s most valued tourist destination, the home of sophistication, luxury and culture.
  • The Waterways – wind their way through the Best of France – the cities, historic towns, pretty villages and superb countryside scenery.
  • Hotel Barges – an exclusive tranquil cruise aboard your own private boat, captained by a professional, hospitality and cuisine from hostess and chef, and a friendly crew team.

Hotel Barge Luciole – one of our ‘fleet’ of luxury barges – has created an excellent introductory video to highlight the wonderful delights of hotel barge cruising.

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Luxury river motor yacht Mattia France
Luxury river motor yacht Mattia


Mattia is a Codecasa luxury motor yacht providing a ‘trip of a lifetime’ river cruising experience for six fortunate guests in Provence, in the south of France.

Owned by Mathias Gilles, who also operates luxury hotel barge Esperance on the Canal du Midi, Mattia’s Rhone itinerary includes Marseilles, Aix-en-Provence, Arles, Avignon, Chateauneuf du Pape. This is a very special – unique – travel experience.

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Roi Soleil Hotel Barge Canal du Midi France
Hotel Barge Roi Soleil


Hotel barge Roi Soleil cruises the historic Canal du Midi in the south of France. She is the most recognisable, most elegant barge on the French waterways with her swept curvaceous lines – from stem to stern and over the beautiful full-length saloon sitting room.

We are very pleased to add Roi Soleil to the ‘fleet’ of luxury barges available through french-waterways.com.

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