Self Drive Hire Boating :: Relax and Enjoy the Essence of France

With a boating vacation or holiday on the waterways of France, you can experience the heart, the genuine ‘Essence’, of France – countryside, villages, towns and cities – in ways that highway travel just cannot.

Exploring the French canals provides the opportunity to relax completely, immersed in tranquil, pretty, surroundings that pass by serenely and leisurely. For lovers of the countryside, of all things natural, this is heaven.

Choose your favourite location according to climate, scenic beauty, nearby towns and cities or simply the activities on offer – and then it’s just a question of clearing your diary and finding your ideal boat. Fortunately, there’s a fantastic choice of vessels and routes for you to choose from.

Getting Off – Wandering away

Depending on the canal, you can stop more or less anywhere, and just walk. The towpaths alongside the canals are, of course, level, making a stroll between locks a simple pleasure. There are also bikes available to include on most boats, so a longer cycle can take you inland for an easy afternoon’s journey through lush countryside and, depending on your timing, nut or fruit picking (including grapes) or to see the lavender and sunflowers in full bloom.

And you will, almost invariably, wish to stop and tie up for lunch and you will of course, moor up for the night  – at a favourite pretty village or town that can be strolled to and explored.

Getting About – Excursions

No matter which regions or route you choose, you are bound to find fascination and delight round every corner :

  • Vineyards, wine-producers and wine tasting
  • Local produce markets and ‘night markets’
  • Chateaux, castles, cathedrals and historic buildings
  • Museums and exhibitions
  • Artisans and craftspeople
  • Scenic viewpoints, lookouts and panoramas
  • Cafes and restaurants

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