Canal de la SommeThe Somme Authority (Conseil General – responsible for this non-VNF waterway) has published navigation information for the coming season 1st April to 1st November.

Contact the canal department office (the PCE) to notify your passage by telephoning 06 74 83 60 69. You will be asked for details of your craft and also for your mobile phone number, so that you can be contacted. Ecluses and bridges, operated by canal staff, are operational between 09:00h to 12:30h and from 13:30h to 18:00h.

The sea lock at Saint-Valery is only available around high water times, notionally an hour either side of HW. Voice mail messages notifying an intent to pass that lock can be left on the ecluse number 03 22 60 80 23.

The bief (pound) between PK115 and PK117 is restricted in width due to weed proliferation.