French Cuisine – Bon Appetit!

Good food, good wine. Food and wine at the very highest level of international cuisine, of the best, most innovative international celebrity chefs and the finest wines. Of plush 5-star restaurants, the Ritz Hotel and Chateauneuf du Pape. This is where haute cuisine was developed by Carème and Escoffier; they have a reputation to maintain.

But also good, simple, inexpensive food and wine everywhere, founded on a deep appreciation of fresh local produce, local dishes and local wines. Gorgeous fresh baked bread in abundance is just an everyday basic thing, from any boulangerie, just round the corner.

Excellence in fruit and vegetables in the local supermarket, and excellence in the local farm produce market, two or three times a week in the local market-place.

Great cheese, also in bewildering variety. A passion for the most wonderful craftsman (and woman) made pastries, gateaux, cakes and tarts.

And a passion for meat and poultry, fish and sea-food. And good beer, cider, champagne, brandy and liqueurs . . . . Enough !