River Seine ~ Rouen ~ Paris ~ Somme ~ Marne Canals ~ Champagne ~ Reims

A mosaic of world-famous places, centred on the world’s most romantic destination. Paris, with the upstream loops and bends of the River Seine; and La Defence, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Notre Dame and the Bastille all ranged alongside the most memorable boat journey imaginable.

To the north, now quiet and peaceful countryside, Picardy was the focus of the First World War, so tragically significant for soldiers and their families from Europe and across the world. The River Somme is nowadays a tranquil winding route, through historic towns like Amiens and the water-gardens of the Hortillonages.

Eastwards is Brie and Champagne country, with vineyards rolling down to the River Marne at Epernay and Chalons – the quiet river, the quiet canals, and the quiet villages alongside the river connecting Paris with the ancient cathedral city of Reims, Vitry and then onwards east to Strasbourg and south to Burgundy.

Wonderful Paris-Champagne Places

– [below] In the region: Paris, Reims, Epernay, La Ferte-sous-Jouarre, Meaux, the Marne –

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Reims ©Cezar Suceveanu | Others ©FW, wikimedia, n/a

Cruise to Paris and Champagne

You can cruise the Seine as a guest aboard an impressive de-luxe riverboat,
or being pampered in fine style aboard a luxury hotel barge.
(There are currently no self-drive bases in the region)

Hotel barge luxury cruise France Paris Champagne

Hotel Barging – Champagne + Somme

Lie back and let the skipper and crew take care of everything. Great food. Fine wine. Unique.

Hotel Barges

River cruise France Seine Paris Rouen Monet

Riverboat Cruises – Paris + Seine

Cruise sedately through Normandy. Moor right in the centre of Rouen and Paris.

River Cruises

Getting to Paris-Champagne
Hotel barges usually collect and return guests to a pre-agreed Paris hotel. The primary French international airport is at Paris-Charles de Gaulle. There are also TGV express train stations at Champagne-Ardenne (near Reims) and Chalons; and many other towns in the region have railway connections.