Front cover of our how to hire boating guideOur FREE guide for you to download and peruse at your leisure or to answer a few niggling questions about your 2016 holiday in France.

Planning a holiday in France this year but looking for something that little bit different? Looking to go with the whole family or maybe just the 2 of you? And need your French vacation to be affordable? Then we’ve got just the holiday – and the guide – for you.

Our free ebook “How to: hire boat holidays in France” tells you all you need to know about a holiday on the French waters aboard your very own hire boat (self-drive boat). This fully-illustrated ebook answers all your questions and provides that all-important insight into what this kind of holiday in France is really like.

Firstly, the guide reveals why a hire boat holiday is a true getaway and explains what makes a holiday on board one of these boats so unique. You may be surprised by the facts – for example, did you know that this is a budget-friendly break? Or that dogs are welcome on board too?

We tell you all about the boats themselves, inside and out. And they’re probably bigger and more comfortable than you’d imagined. Not to mention the sundeck and an optional splash pool.

We list the different types of hire boats that glide their way up and down the French waterways. This list is long and varied with all sorts of boats to suit your needs and requirements. And then the guide gives you the low-down on driving and navigating – much, much easier than you’re probably thinking. Plus there’s the man Friday option.

How to: hire boat holidays in France” also provides information on where to go in France and what you can expect to see. We don’t want to give too much away in this post, but with over 8,000km of navigable rivers and canals there’s plenty to see and do.

And lastly, the guide gets down to the practicalities of cost (you’ll be very pleasantly surprised) and how to book your unique water getaway in France.

The “How to: hire boat holidays in France” guide is downloadable, completely free and comes with the guarantee of expert knowledge you’d expect from us here at French Waterways. And as usual, if you’ve got any questions drop us a line.