Hotel Barging :: Bespoke Activities

Theme Cruises, Interests and Activities – Bespoke Vacations and Business Meetings

Hotel barging is not ‘one size fits all’ with rigid timetables and fixed itineraries. Naturally, to one degree or another, barges have come to know their localities, have created, tested and refined their routes, found favourite places to moor, and arranged a pattern of interesting excursions.

However barging is a pursuit specifically designed to bring the boat’s operation hotel barge-ballooninginto an intimate, close and harmonious alignment with guests’ wishes. So it is entirely natural for hotel barges to encourage and facilitate ‘tailor made’ cruises for special interests and activities. This is true ‘across the board’ but particularly for owner-operated barges where skippers can make their own decisions flexibly and where those fully ‘in command’ are in close contact with their guests.

One barge – at the Grande Luxe end of the spectrum – will even arrange a completely bespoke cruise, for any duration, on any waterway, between any two places.

Themes, Interests and Activities – A Selection of Viable Possibilities

  • Itineraries, stops and visits to reflect historical, architectural or battlefield interests – gardens and landscape architecture
  • Oenological themes – vineyards, wine-making and wine-tasting
  • Cuisine and Cooking – produce, ingredients, local specialities, preparation and cooking skills (demonstration and/or participation), and restaurant experiences.
  • Walking and cycling
  • Delicacies, pastries, gateaux and chocolate
  • hotel barge wine tastingGolf, tennis, hot-air ballooning, horse-riding
  • Watersports, water-skiing, wake-boarding, canoeing and kayaking
  • Wellness – massage, aromatherapy, healthy eating, yoga, holistic balance
  • Sketching, painting and water-colouring

Naturally, not all of these are offered by every barge. It is of course vital to discuss possibilities well in advance.

Business Meetings, Brainstorms and Conferences

A hotel barge is the perfect place for some serious work! Work that you will enjoy like you never have before. Whether you are beating out the details of a New Deal, putting the finishing touches to a Product Launch or planning that Great Leap Forward, the space, time, focus, absence of distraction and quality of the surroundings will encourage the absolute best in productive corporate thinking, whether in small select units or in larger teams.

Besides ‘in season’ booking, a number of barges will be available ‘off season’ at advantageous rates.

Even larger parties of co-workers and colleagues can be accommodated on off-season river cruise ships (up to 150 on each riverboat).