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Choosing your Barge Cruise Vacation – Number of Cabins and Booking

The seventy or so cruising hotel barges in France range in capacity from two guest cabins up to twelve. From four guest passengers up to twenty four. Compared to riverboat cruises even the largest hotel barge is intimate and special, and the smaller barges particularly so.

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This range of capacities is reflected in the way in which they are booked.

Charter Sailings – Whole Boat Booking

hotel barge esperance


Smaller barges are booked ‘whole boat’; all cabins together on an exclusive, private cruise, basis. This is also typically true for Grande Luxe cruises where exclusivity is naturally paramount.

This is a great way for a small group of family or close friends to enjoy the most memorable ‘vacation of a lifetime’ experience together.

Hotel Sailings – Per Cabin Booking

hotel barge phenicien

Le Phenicienclick

Larger boats book by the cabin, so a small group of guests will share the ‘small floating boutique hotel’ experience together. Such like-minded groups invariably become best friends, sharing common interests and taking shared pleasure in the barging experience, in very congenial good company.

This is a great way for a couple, a single traveller, or a group of buddies – ‘Girls Together’ perhaps – to have fun and enjoy hotel barging in France.

It is not uncommon for Charter Sailing barges occasionally to book a partial charter and/or make one or two cabins available outside the full charter arrangement, but only where this is appropriate or convenient.