Hotel Barging :: People, Pleasure and Preferences

A Hotel Barge Cruise is the perfect vacation or holiday for:

Single Travellers

Independent Single Traveller

Booking a cabin as an independent person will provide a reassuringly safe and immeasurably pleasurable week, in like-minded congenial company, cruising tranquilly along beautiful, calm, waterways through gorgeous scenery in the midst of La Belle France. A more interesting, stimulating and de-pressured time – including gourmet food and delicious wines – could hardly be imagined. However, only a few hotel barges have single cabins; others will charge a supplementary fee for single occupancy of a double cabin.


hotel barge vacation coupleWhat a great opportunity to escape to peace, relaxation and full-on hospitality – everything included, everything provided. Hotel barging in France attracts particular people. People (from all over the world) who appreciate food, wine, culture and quality. In short, things French! So you will be in good company, with a small group of people that you will appreciate and who will appreciate and enjoy you, too.

Of course, booking an exclusive whole-boat charter in the most romantic country on earth is a magnificent way to enjoy a honeymoon, one you will certainly remember life-long.

Hotel Barges in France – Hotel (Per Cabin) Booking

hotel barge familyFamilies

Hotel barging is an activity that appeals across the generations. A barging vacation can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for grandparents, parents and children to spend the most wonderful, close and relaxed time together.


Group hotel barge cruiseWith capacities of up to twenty four guests on a single barge – plus the real possibility of ‘tandem cruising’ (two barges booked together at a special rate) some couples, a group of friends, a bunch of buddies, or a party of co-workers can have the most fantastic time together. The hostess, guide, chef, crew and skipper deal with everything – leaving the group to strengthen the bonds of friendship, to indulge a shared passion for France, or wine, or cycling, or antique cars, or  . . . ?

Hotel Barges in France – Charter (Entire Boat) Booking

Mature Folk

Mature hotel barge guests

The essence of barging has a certain quality of serenity and of reflection, set amongst the most wonderful surroundings. Proceeding smoothly and quietly at a fast walking pace, the journey is punctuated by locks, villages, vineyards and cheery passers-by. There is nothing quite like sitting on deck, in the sunshine, one’s every whim being served by personable friendly crew members, watching the world go by. And there is nothing quite like the interest and stimulation to be got from the programme of fully guided visits and excursions, with every detail taken care of.

Whilst most barges inevitably have steps – down to cabins, up to sun-decks – they are usually well designed and manageable, as are the wide, gently sloping and stable access ramps from the shore to the boat. A very few barges have been created with the most minimal of changes in level and one has a guest lift / elevator down to the cabin deck.

Dietary Preferences

hotel barge luciole chefChefs on-board are professionals who delight in preparing good food and pleasing guests; in accommodating preferences or dietary regimes with commitment, skill and imagination. For obvious reasons, it is essential to confirm likes and dislikes, possibilities and impossibilities, and details generally, as early in the enquiry-booking process as possible.

That way the best possible guest service, which is what all the barges strive for, can be provided.