Planning a European Itinerary?

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Europe awaits your visit!



A vacation cruising the French waterways could be the ideal starting-point for some further exploration of La Belle France, the Glory That Was Rome, Dublin’s Fair City, Swinging London or any of the other must-see places scattered across Western Europe.

With so many things to pack into a busy schedule, a preliminary week to relax and unwind whilst floating along in luxury couldn’t be a better way to appreciate your time in Europe. The French waterways are special: mile after sunny mile gliding through tranquil, gentle waters and lush landscapes, through charming villages and fascinating towns… you can really de-stress and, because everything is taken care of on your cruise, you’ll have time to dwell on the marvels of different cultures, their dishes and wines, their history and architecture, cementing them into your memory for ever.

Whether you take your cruise at the beginning, middle or end of your trip,
it will delight and thrill, restore and energise.

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