Hotel Barge Luciole

Recently added to the ‘portfolio’ of hotel barges and information about them –

  • Alegria – cruising the historic Canal du Midi
  • Bonheur – two cabins cruising the Canal de Bourgogne
  • Durandal – static Peniche d’Hote near Beziers, on the Midi
  • Luciole – seven cabins on the pretty Canal de Nivernais
  • Nilaya – economy and hospitality on various canal routes
  • Randle – two cabins and traditional style on the Canal de Nivernais
  • Who Knows – deservedly popular style in Burgundy and Champagne

We are pleased to feature a great range of boats and the holidays and vacations that they provide – luxury barges and straightforward barges; larger barges bookable cabin-by-cabin and smaller barges for whole-boat charters; cruising barges and static (moored) ‘peniches d’hote’; and barges spread throughout the rivers and canals of France, north to south, east to west. More in the pipeline!

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