Auxonne roundabout

A little lighthearted post from us today. We’ve spent the last few weeks in Auxonne and this is our homage to that longer-than-expected sojourn.

We returned to the waterways of France this summer after some time back on dry land in England. In what can only be referred to as ‘meant to be’ the opportunity arose to buy back our original boat. And so we collected it from its mooring on the River Sâone in Auxonne, Burgundy. We say ‘collected’ but actually we stayed moored there for some weeks while we made Grehan home once more.

Refurbishing is probably too grand a way to describe sorting out the boat to be our home once more. Perhaps reconfiguration, spring cleaning and mechanical maintenance would be more accurate, though certainly less glamorous (we can vouch for that part too). As such it took much longer than we anticipated and so we found ourselves in Auxonne for an extended period of time.

Auxonne is in the Cote d’Or department in the region of Burgundy and to the east of Paris. You’ll pass it en route between Dijon and Besançon if travelling by train. Can you picture whereabouts? We’ve found it remarkably hot there this summer.

It has some loose ties to Napoleon Bonaparte – he stayed in two rooms at the military barracks and received some military training here back in the day. If you stop in Auxonne for long enough you’ll spot the barracks easily for its pink Moissey stone. And you’ll struggle to miss the imposing statue of Bonaparte in the Place d’Armes.

We also found Auxonne to have some storytelling roundabouts (rond-points). This is not unique to France, but while we were there we captured a few of them to share with you here.

Auxonne roundabout with bridge Axon roundabout farmers Axon roundabout with fisherman