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Macon’s inland marina, awarded the title of Best in France in 2010, has now been significantly expanded and improved.

In a basin off the River Saone upstream from Macon town, near the river’s junction with the by-pass channel, it was originally created from excavations connected with development of the commercial/industrial harbour. It had become less than satisfactory when it was rejuvenated and modernised ten or so years ago.

Now it has seen further transformations –

  • The number of berths has nearly trebled, from 150 to 420, with existing pontoons renewed.
  • Completely new capitainerie building, including chandlery, wifi, bike hire and laundry facilities.
  • 24hr (i.e credit card) fuel pump and foul water pump-out facility.

The marina/port de plaisance is situated at PK83 in parkland to the north of Macon, a ten-minute cycle ride into town.
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