Like the USS Enterprise our plan is to Boldly Go.

Could you play an important part in our incredible journey into the future? (FW) is a travel website, focused exclusively on inland France. There is significant demand from around the world for excellent information about France in English, with the prospect of target audiences then purchasing travel products.France is the world’s favourite Anglophone travel destination; that demographic has an annual value of 23bn€. Within that, boating holidays, cruises and other related products are worth 500m€. This last niche is FW’s primary focus, although the website has the potential to move beyond the waterway itself, to inland France as a whole.

FW is well established and trading. It has hundreds of pages of high quality informational content, it has unique authority, attracts 3-5,000 page-views per day and it ranks top five on Google for many relevant search terms.

Our outlook is positive and we are open-minded. We have the potential – and we want – to develop further.

Would you like to be part of this? We are looking for joint venture business partners, investors and collaborators to join the FW team. (In the interests of clarity, we are not looking to hire employees at this point.)

Contact us in strict confidence.