Printed Navigation Guides

There are two series of chart-guides that cover the network – Breil and Fluviacarte. Each provides a detailed map of the subject river or canal, page by page, kilometre by kilometre, with information (in French, English and German) about locks (width, rise, number of chambers), bridges (air draft), depths, towns and villages; and moorings. Whilst it is possible to travel using just a waterways system map plus the various waterway signs that warn, instruct, or provide information en-route it is preferable to have better information to hand. In addition, the definitive hard-back ‘pilot’ book and accompanying maps, covering the waterways network in fine detail, have been edited by David-Edwards-May, published by Imray and Transmanche.

French canal navigation guide Breil

Breil Navigation Guides

Maps and detailed guidance books for each canal and river, published by Breil.

Breil Guides

French canal navigation guide Fluviacarte

Fluviacarte Navigation Guides

Maps and detailed guidance books for each canal and river, published by Fluviacarte.

Fluviacarte Guides

French canal navigation guide Imray

Imray / Transmanche Guides

Maps and detailed guidance books for each canal and river, by Imray and Transmanche.

Imray Guides

Popular books, guides and maps

Editions du Breil
Canal du Midi Guide

Petit Rhône – Rhône à Sete
R. Lez – Etang de Thau
Canal du Midi
Canal de Jonction/de la Robine
Breil A4 format guide with detailed maps, canal/river information, locks, bridges, depths, moorings, towns and villages and facilities. Eng/Fr/De

Guide du Plaisancier

Guide Plaisancier 2018

This comprehensive annual directory lists all navigable waterways, their basic data (length, depth, air draft, etc.), ports (telephone numbers, rates), haltes, boatyards and other essential services and information, including tariffs and regulations.

Inland Waterways of France

Inland Waterways of France

The standard comprehensive hardback book guide to the French canals and navigable rivers includes maps and distance tables for each waterway, giving the user a general view of the geography of each waterway.
Complements ‘Inland Waterways of France’ map


Inland Waterways of Europe

Inland Waterways Rivers and Canals of Europe map

All the European navigable canals and rivers from Ireland in the west to Russia in the east. On one side, Dublin to the Danube (Bratislava); on the other the whole of Europe including Scandinavia through to the Black Sea and Caspian Sea.

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French Waterways in Detail
PDF Downloads

PDFs for all navigable French rivers and canals, grouped into geographic sets and offering exceptional value for money. All PDFs are printable and readable on appropriate devices, including Kindles and tablets.
Plus Belgian, Dutch and German waterways

PDF Downloads