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The organisation for boaters on the French inland waterways. A very useful website.

Aquarelle in France cruise reports from Northern France, by Mike and Rosaleen Miller.

Jean-Marc Hippolyte’s barge, based at Besancon.

A great website. Kairos is a working barge that takes guests – travel with Marine and Gil Bouchard.

Roger Van Dyken’s website covers many aspects of barge voyaging, including training.

Even if you’ve got your own boat there, a cruise on a Bateau Mouche through Paris is a great trip.

The official website about one of the waterways most popular ‘southern’ wintering places, just west of the Rhone.

Award-winning practical and theory inland waterways school, based near High Wycombe. Our Alma Mater.

Encyclopeadic directory of links – just boating related!

The main French peniche community website. Reports, news, gossip – very interesting.

George Pearson’s extensive Canal boating in the UK and Europe website.

Nigel Orr’s well respected site about living aboard and exploring the European waterways.

Canals and waterways in Brittany and the Loire valley.

Wonderful complete mediaeval castle, town and harbour.

Fairytale chateau to let, by the river – sleeps 19

Information (in English) about the Rhone, and conditions on the Rhone, primarily (inevitably) focused on commercial users.

It was the Dutch Barge Association once, but nowadays the remit and information value is much wider – both UK and European waterways.

Brenda and John Davison’s website about their catamaran travels through France, with much interesting and good advice.

Tom Sommers’ informative site covering all the European waterways.

Excellent professional website.

Information from France’s leading inland waterways magazine, publishers of Fluviacartes.

Di Murrell’s fascinating food, cooking and barging site.


Information about France

The site covers every French waterway with detailed information (easily found, and clearly presented) about flood and current flow.


French property, living in France, holidays in France

The H2O Gare d’Eau at St Jean (on the Saone) is one of the best known harbours, places to stop-over, brokerages and boat hire locations.

Sue and Roger Biddle’s blog of journeys through the waterways, over many years. Very informative. Harmonie is for sale.

Jean-Phillipe is one of the leading French writers about the waterways. English version available.

Extensive waterways information website.

Languedoc-Midi.info is a unique and personally managed website listing many of the best English speaking businesses in Languedoc-Roussillon.

Cruising and living aboard a Luxemotor hotel barge

From a wealth of personal experience, Michael Briant’s website bursts with information.

A wealth of information from Elessina about building and fitting out barges – and more.

The official city of Paris website with information about the Parisian canal system.

Jean-Pierre’s reports from St-Jean-de-Losne and the canals of Burgundy. Bravo!

Yannick Barbier’s information site, based at Port-St-Louis marina on the River Seine.

A terrific website about the canals and inland ports of France, by Bruno Chanal.

Port la Nouvelle tourist office, with some marina information. The Mediterranean port and entry into the Midi via the Canal de la Robine / Canal du Midi.

Charles Berg’s superb website about the French canals, their history, details of the barges – and not least, some of his beautiful drawings.

The popular port de plaisance at St-Quentin in Picardy – 60 berths.

One of the great waterways experiences is travelling up the Seine through Paris and berthing at the Arsenal marina.

Charter opportunities from around the world, including France

Toulouse is an excellent city to visit by boat – this is the official Toulouse website.

The official website (in English) for the waterways and canals. All details – locks, depths, heights, closures, works etc.

Europe’s primary forum website for anything boaty – motor boats, yachts, practical advice, River Thames, jokes . . and this link, to the Liveaboard Forum.