Guide to French wine. Part one: a world of vin

This is the first in an 8-part guide looks at the 7 main wine-producing regions in France before taking a snapshot of some of the country’s lesser known tipples. A wine guide to a country that produces over 12.2 million hectolitres of wine a year and boasts almost 3,000 different types of vin is something of a challenge.

Hot on the heels of our guide to French liqueurs comes our next major blog series about French wine. This 8-part guide looks at the 7 main wine-producing regions in France before taking a snapshot of some of the country’s lesser known tipples. A wine guide to a country that…

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4 wine cruises to ferment a life long love of French wine

claire de lune wine cruises

We all have a favourite wine, or wines. But we never say never to discovering something new! So we delight in bringing you the best of wine cruises and wine tasting from our luxury hotel barges. You’ll be shipping cases home before you’ve even left the cellar. A good wine tasting…

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Take 6: the best French food blogs on the web

french food blogs

As one of the world’s top culinary destinations it’s no surprise that France lends itself magnificently to blogging about food. In the French Waterways latest round-up of French blogs we go foodie and pick six of the best about French cuisine. From simple to sophisticated, from entrées to pastries with…

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An A to Z guide to French gastronomy

A-Z of French Gastronomy

The home of gourmet dining and the creator of the ultimate culinary accolade, Michelin stars, France boasts probably the best food anywhere. Although we are a little biased when it comes to French gastronomy! A country rich in produce coupled with an exquisite taste for fine dining has brought us…

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French Waterways meets the Saint Louis hotel barge

  The Saint Louis hotel barge cruises the lesser known waterways of South West France, along the Canal de Garonne. This area is known for its history and beauty, and of course, the wines of St Emilion and Bordeaux. Your hosts on the Saint Louis are Peter and Wendy; they are Irish…

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Bénédictine, Chartreuse, Crème de Menthe: part 4 of our essential guide to French liqueurs

Creme de menthe - French liqueurs

In the next post in our series about French liqueurs we go herby, very herby actually: Bénédictine, Chartreuse, Crème de Menthe. Taking plants and spices as their base, herb-based French liqueurs include some of the world’s most complex recipes and best known tipples. From the sickly-sweet and oh-so-vintage Crème de…

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Beyond le vin – an essential guide to French liqueurs

In the first of our posts making up the French Waterways essential guide to French liqueurs, we go beyond le vin to another level of alcohol. Stronger, richer and better for digestion but just as quintessentially French. Liqueurs might make up a fraction of French alcoholic beverage production, but they…

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Beaujolais Nouveau – a classic or a bygone wine?

One minute after the strike of midnight on the third Thursday of November every year something unique to France happens in Burgundy. The year’s recently harvested Beaujolais Nouveau is released for sale. So on Thursday 17 November 2016 the residents of Beaujeu, Beaujolais’s regional capital, will drink this year’s wine…

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7 must-visit Beaune wine cellars

The Côte de Beaune ranks among the best wine areas in Burgundy. And not surprisingly the lovely town of Beaune is home to some fine wine cellars. Visiting a wine vault in the town is one of the top attractions in Beaune. So we’ve pulled together what we believe to…

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Three Comté cheese recipes for the weekend

It’s the weekend. You’re in France. Cheese is always on the menu. So what better way to focus the foodie in you than by trying out three delectable new recipes courtesy of Comté and chef Laura Pope. Onion Tart with apples, bacon and Comté The nuttiness of Comté shines through in this hearty winter…

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20 iconic French menu dishes

Without doubt, one of the most iconic things about France is its food. The vast array of its famous dishes you see repeated around the world on restaurant menus is testament to this. But these traditional dishes often taste so much better on their ‘home soil’, by using locally grown…

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