Chateau Chambord, the original French chateaux

The history of French châteaux

France just wouldn’t be France without the thousands of châteaux dotting the landscape across the country. Testimonials to history and guardians of the best architectural styles, French châteaux also boast enviable locations, often on the banks of the country’s many waterways or perched on lofty heights in the mountains. Some…

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Champagne and the region of Champagne - part 3 of our guide to French wine

Champagne: a wine region famous the world over. Part 3 of our guide to French wine

In part 3 of the French Waterways guide to French wine we move our focus to a wine region synonymous with celebration: Champagne. The queen of celebratory drinks, champagne is famous the world over as the bubbly to crack open whenever there’s something to celebrate. Whether you’re toasting a marriage,…

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