Inland Waterways Pavillion at Dusseldorf Boot 2019 Day of the Canals

BOOT 2019: waterways tourism in France by the VNF

On the first weekday of BOOT 2019 in Dusseldorf, the Inland Waterways Pavillion held its Day of the Canals press day. The programme incorporated perspectives on waterways development and potential across Europe, including Flanders, Scotland, The Netherlands, France and Leipzig in Germany. As part of the afternoon agenda Frederic Millet…

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Champagne and the region of Champagne - part 3 of our guide to French wine

Champagne – our guide to this world famous fizz

In part 3 of the French Waterways guide to French wine we move our focus to a wine region synonymous with celebration: Champagne. The queen of celebratory drinks, champagne is famous the world over as the bubbly to crack open whenever there’s something to celebrate. Whether you’re toasting a marriage,…

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