Through the French Canals DVD – Distant Shores

[widgets_on_pages id=6]Paul and Sheryl Shard are the pre-eminent award-winning sailor-filmmakers. Cruising onboard their Southerly 42 and 49 yachts “Distant Shores” they have sailed 90 000 nautical miles together, crossing the Atlantic five times and making superb – inspirational and practical – films along the way. There are 91 film episodes…

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Canal du Nivernais now has nearly 50 separate pages of Cruising in Detail information about individual French rivers and canals. Our latest covers one of France’s most picturesque and most popular – the Canal du Nivernais. Situated in central France, this waterway ‘jewel’ links the Loire valley to the south with the…

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Cleaning Up the Petite Seine

The Petite Seine (above Paris, to the east) saw some superb cleaning-up work in November 2012. An amazing number of cars were scooped up from the river bed. All of them perfect examples of ‘Beyond Economic Repair’. Photos from the fascinating ‘Lockkipper’ blog of Fabrice, the lock-keeper (geddit?) at Villiers-sur-Seine.

Canal Rhone-Rhine

Cruising details for the waterway linking the Rhone and Saone with the Rhine are now available on The canal (opened in the early C19th and modernised in recent years) incorporates sections of the River Doubs and passes through picturesque historic towns such as Dole and Besancon and also some…

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