WTM Seminar Report

Content Marketing is about branding, consumer engagement, social media and of course search engine optimisation. If you can get your content marketing right, you will be forging ahead of the competition.

Whether on PC, mobile or tablet, you need to be presenting the right content to consumers to persuade them to become customers. It needs to be engaging and sufficiently compelling to persuade travellers that they should be booking with your company.

  • “Great content marketing is about great storytelling” – like a story, the content must lead towards an end point (like the joke’s punchline) – the objective for telling the story, creating the content.
  • People look for destination information. They research online and seek recommendations.
  • People aggregate information for themselves, making a ‘self-build’ guidebook. There is a sales/marketing opportunity there.

Creating Compelling Content

  • 80:20 Rule
    – 80% Interesting, Entertaining, Educative, Informative
    – 20% ‘Selling’
  • Get content from customers/clients
  • ‘Travel’ has inherent potential to produce compelling content –
    – culture / events / experiences / nature / landscape / architecture
  • Images produce the highest interaction
  • Image plus short text link = highest click-through rate
  • Video = increased page stay / browsing time
  • Produce a content plan / strategy. Month by month by channel. Align with other efforts, promotions

What readers want –

  • Real life – First hand – tips and advice
  • 54% – value for money advice
  • 52% – reviews and recommendations about products, services and accommodation
  • 48% – helpful tips
  • Write through the eyes of the traveller
  • Create content that the traveller wants
  • Be like a ‘trusted friend’ – honest and unbiased


  1. Define what you are – what are you writing about?
    What is the vision? – Content and Context is king.
  2. Stories – language – legacy? – desired action?
  3. Manage the Content
    – plan / research / update
    – produce / write / optimise
    – publish / edit / release
  4. Who – When – Where?
  5. Alignment with Travel Stages