Information about the 242km long Canal de Bourgogne

Canal de Bourgogne France map

The Canal de Bourgogne connects the river Yonne at Laroche-Migennes with the river Saône at Saint-Jean-de-Losne, a distance of 242km. It provides the most spectacular and heavily-locked route between the Seine and the Mediterranean, rising to a summit level at an altitude of 378m, the highest in France. This pound includes a tunnel at Pouilly-en-Auxois, 3337m in length, extended by one-way cuttings on either side. A towage service operated with an electrically-powered tug and a ballasted caisson, for barges with an air draught greater than 3.10m, but this little-used and costly service was withdrawn in the 1970s. Boats proceed through the tunnel under their own power, provided that they have a suitable lights, a klaxon and/or horn, and lifejackets sufficient for all on board. Authorisation must be requested at lock 1Y (Pouilly-en-Auxois) for boats arriving from the Yonne and at lock 1S (Escommes) for boats arriving from the Saône. When the tunnel-keeper has ensured that the pound is clear, he will give the go-ahead. Proceed at 6 km/h, without stopping, so as to clear the summit level quickly. If preferred, short lengths of log which are normally to be found stacked outside the lock-keeper’s cottage at either end can be lashed fore and aft, possibly passing through your bollards, extending a foot or so they will assist in keeping the vessel in the middle of the channel as they scrape along the walls.

There is no longer any commercial traffic on the Canal de Bourgogne, except for the occasional mini-push-tow which enters from the Yonne, turns in the basin and then reverses up through one more lock to load grain at the silo. This beautiful waterway is a popular route for hotel barges, mainly on the eastern side of the summit. For plaisanciers, there is ample compensation for the large number of locks in the splendid scenery, with numerous sites of tourist interest to visit on or near the canal.

Canal de Bourgogne region map

History – A canal on this route from the Saône to the Seine was envisaged in the early 17th century during the reign of Henri IV. The route was the subject of intense debate, reflected in a number of published works in the 17th and 18th centuries. Works began in 1774, and Dijon was reached from the Saône in 1808. It was another 24 years before the canal was opened throughout, in 1832. The locks were lengthened to the Freycinet standard in 1882, but the tunnel remained a bottleneck, even after the 1867 steam tug was replaced by an electric tug in 1893. The canal was experimentally taken over by the Région Bourgogne in 2010, but two years later it was handed back to the State and returned to VNF management. The region found the burden of maintenance and operation to be beyond its capability and resources, with inadequate guarantees of support from central government.

Key Waterway Dimensions

  • Max Beam: 5.20m
  • Max Height: 3.40m
  • Max Draught: 1.80m


The canal is the most heavily locked of all the central French canals, and this makes it quite a challenge. The lesser density of locks in the lower sections, roughly from the Yonne to Montbard and from the Pont d’Ouche down to Saint-Jean-de-Losne, means that there is relatively sustained traffic during the high season, but there are very few boats crossing the summit. A consequence is that the plaisancier has to be accompanied by a mobile VNF lock-keeper to work through all the locks, and this takes all the carefree spontaneity out of the day’s cruising, in the fabulous Burgundy countryside.

Locks – There are 189 locks, of which 113 fall towards the Yonne and 76 towards the Saône. Lock dimensions are 39.00 by 5.20m. Two of the locks on the Yonne side have double numbers (106/107 and 114/115). These were originally built as staircase locks, but were replaced by single deep locks when the canal was upgraded to Freycinet standard. On the Saône side of the summit 10 locks (2S to 8S and 10S to 12S) are equipped for do-it-yourself operation, with a complex safety device to avoid incorrect operation and wastage of water. A leaflet of instructions (in French, English and German) is handed to users at lock 1Y (if heading for Dijon) or 15S (if heading for the Yonne). Larger vessels will normally be accompanied by a lock-keeper from lock 2S to 8S. ‘Larger’ is at the discretion of the lock-keeper but would normally be vessels exceeding 18m in length. Four locks on the Yonne side (84Y to 81Y) and two on the Saône side (53S and 63S) have been equipped for automatic operation.

Draught – The maximum authorised draught is 1.80m.

Headroom – There are many fixed bridges, about half of them sited at locks. They all leave a clear headroom of 3.40m above normal water level.

Regulations – The maximum authorised speed is 6km/h for all boats throughout the canal.

Towpath – There is a good towpath throughout, except along the summit level and through the tunnel.

Authority – VNF – Direction territoriale Centre-Bourgogne
CEMI Armancon
–    avenue Alfred Grevin, 89700 Tonnerre (PK 0-94)
CEMI Auxois
–    11 rue du port, 21320 Pouilly en Auxois (PK 94-173)
CEMI de l’Ouche
–    10 rue du port, 21600 Longvic (PK 173-242)

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Canal de Bourgogne waterway strip

Route description, north to south

PK 0.0    Junction with canalised river Yonne (at PK 22.7)
PK 0.2    Bridge (Migennes)
PK 0.3    Deep lock 114/115Y (Laroche), VHF 18, height 5.13m
PK 0.5    Migennes basin, moorings, Le Boat hire base, night €9.80, dry dock, diesel, slipway, water, electricity, showers €2, restaurant, town centre 400m
PK 0.8    Footbridge (access to station)
PK 1.7    Lock 113Y (Cheny), mechanised, bridge, basin d/s r/b, silo u/s l/b
PK 6.5    Esnon bridge, quay d/s r/b
PK 7.9    Lock 112Y (Moulin-Neuf), quay d/s r/b
PK 9.2    Brienon-sur-Armançon bridge, quay in basin d/s, Tourisme Fluvial du Centre hire base, night €10, all services, village r/b
PK 9.6    Brienon sugar refinery, quay l/b
PK 10.2    Lock 111Y (Boutoir), bridge, Créanton aqueduct u/s
PK 12.5    Bridge (Crécy), quay d/s r/b
Migennes junction plan PK 14.1    Railway bridge (Avrolles), TGV Sud-Est line
PK 15.1    Lock 110Y (Duchy), bridge, quays d/s r/b
PK 17.2    Lock 109Y (Maladrerie), bridge, quay d/s r/b
PK 18.6    Lock 108Y (Saint-Florentin), bridge, Armance aqueduct u/s
PK 18.8    Saint-Florentin basin and boat harbour r/b, mooring for 45 boats, night €10, water, electricity, showers, slipway, pump-out, repairs, wifi, moorings for large vessels l/b (no services), town centre 700m r/b
PK 19.1    Bridge (Saint-Florentin, N77) and railway bridge
PK 19.3    Quay r/b, Gruc
PK 20.9    Footbridge
PK 21.8    Lock 106/107Y (Germigny), VHF 20, bridge, quays u/s and d/s r/b, village 1000m r/b
PK 23.4    Lock 105Y (Egrevin), bridge
PK 25.2    Butteaux bridge, quay u/s r/b, village 700m
PK 26.8    Lock 104Y (Percey), bridge
PK 27.5    Percey quay r/b, small village 300m
PK 27.8    Lock 103Y (Chailley), bridge
PK 29.4    Lock 102Y (Villiers-Vineux)
PK 30.5    Lock 101Y (Flogny)
PK 30.9    Lock 100Y (Flogny), basin d/s
PK 31.4    Flogny bridge, boat moorings d/s r/b, water, electricity, village 500m
PK 32.8    La Chapelle bridge, quay d/s r/b, village 900m
PK 34.9    Lock 99Y (Charrey), bridge, quay d/s r/b
PK 37.9    Tronchoy bridge, village r/b
PK 39.1    Lock 98Y (Cheney), bridge
PK 40.0    Dannemoine quay r/b, village 400m
PK 40.3    Lock 97Y (Dannemoine), bridge, water
PK 42.8    Footbridge (Épineuil)
PK 44.1    Lock 96Y (Tonnerre), bridge
PK 44.3    Tonnerre basin and boat harbour, France Afloat hire base, mooring for 25 boats, night €8.90, diesel, water, electricity, showers (€2.40), slipway, town centre 1000m l/b
PK 44.6    Lock 95Y (Tonnerre), VHF 22, bridge
PK 45.1    Bridge (D905)
PK 46.5    Lock 94Y (Arcot), bridge
PK 48.7    Lock 93Y (Arthe)
PK 49.9    Bridge (Arthe)
PK 50.4    Lock 92Y (Saint-Martin)
PK 50.8    Lock 91Y (Commissey), bridge
PK 51.6    Commissey bridge, small village r/b
PK 52.7    Lock 90Y (Tanlay), VHF 18
PK 53.0    Tanlay basin r/b, boat moorings, village with château r/b
PK 53.2    Bridge (Tanlay)
PK 54.6    Overhead power lines
PK 55.2    Lock 89Y (Moulin de Saint-Vinnemer), bridge
PK 56.4    Saint-Vinnemer bridge, quay u/s r/b, village r/b
PK 56.7    Lock 88Y (Saint-Vinnemer)
PK 59.6    Lock 87Y (Argentenay), bridge, village 300m l/b
PK 61.4    Lock 86Y (Ancy-le-Libre), bridge, village 400m
PK 63.0    Railway bridge (main line Paris-Dijon)
PK 63.4    Lock 85Y (Lézinnes), bridge, water, basin u/s r/b, village 600m l/b
PK 65.1    Lock 84Y (Batilley), mechanised, cement works and quay u/s l/b
PK 66.3    Lock 83Y (Pacy), mechanised
PK 66.9    Quay (Pacy-Varennes) r/b
PK 67.5    Bridge (Pacy)
PK 69.7    Lock 82Y (Argenteuil), mechanised, bridge
PK 70.2    Railway bridge (main line Paris-Dijon)
PK 71.2    Lock 81Y (Rapille), mechanised, bridge
PK 73.7    Bridge (Cusy)
PK 73.8    Ancy-le-Franc basin, moorings r/b, water, electricity, village with castle 800m r/b
PK 74.4    Lock 80Y (Ancy-le-Franc), VHF 22, bridge
PK 75.4    Lock 79Y (Chassignelles), bridge, village r/b
PK 77.1    Fulvy bridge, basin d/s, small village 700m l/b
PK 77.8    Lock 78Y (Fulvy)
PK 80.1    Lock 77Y (Papeterie), bridge (Chassignelles)
PK 81.8    Lock 76Y (Huilerie), bridge (Ravières)
PK 82.1    Railway bridge
PK 82.3    Bridge (Ravières)
PK 82.6    Ravières basin, boat harbour, free mooring for 6 boats, water, electricity, showers village 150m r/b
PK 82.9    Nuits-sur-Armançon bridge, quay u/s r/b
PK 83.2    Bridge
PK 84.1    Lock 75Y (Nuits), bridge
PK 86.5    Lock 74Y (Arlot), bridge
PK 87.2    Lock 73Y (Cry), bridge, quay d/s r/b, small village 400m l/b
PK 89.3    Lock 72Y (Perrigny), bridge
PK 91.5    Lock 71Y (Forge d’Aisy), bridge, basin u/s
PK 91.8    Bridge (D905, Aisy by-pass)
PK 92.4    Aisy-sur-Armançon bridge, quay u/s l/b, village 400m
PK 93.0    Bridge (Rougemont)
PK 94.0    Lock 70Y (Rougemont), bridge
PK 95.0    Lock 69Y (Buffon)
PK 95.5    Bridge (Grande-Forge), quay u/s r/b
PK 96.4    Buffon bridge, small village r/b
PK 96.9    Former bridge (Petite-Forge), restricted passage
PK 97.6    Lock 68Y (Buffon)
PK 98.5    Saint-Rémy bridge, quay u/s l/b, village 300m, château opposite
PK 99.3    Lock 67Y (Saint-Rémy), bridge
PK 100.6    Lock 66Y (Fontenay)
PK 101.4    Lock 65Y (Montbard), aqueduct u/s, bridge (D980)
PK 101.7    Montbard lower basin, marina r/b, pontoons for 8 boats, night €10, water, electricity, showers, slipway, restaurant, town centre 300m
PK 102.2    Lock 64Y (Montbard), bridge, water
PK 102.3    Bridge (Gare)Montbard junction plan
PK 102.5    Montbard upper basin l/b, mooring for 10 boats, night €8 -15, water, electricity, showers, restaurant, good mooring for taking on provisions (N.B. no further possibility before Pouilly)
PK 102.8    Railway bridge (main line Paris-Dijon)
PK 105.3    Lock 63Y (Nogent)
PK 106.0    Nogent bridge, quay d/s l/b, small village
PK 106.3    Lock 62Y (Moulin de Nogent)
PK 108.2    Lock 61Y (Courcelles), bridge, water, small village l/b
PK 109.3    Lock 60Y (Benoisey)
PK 109.9    Bridge (Benoisey)
PK 111.1    Lock 59Y (Seigny)
PK 111.4    Bridge (Grignon)
PK 112.2    Lock 58Y (Grignon)
PK 112.8    Lock 57Y (Granges), bridge
PK 113.2    Les Granges-sous-Grignon bridge, village l/b
PK 114.5    Lock 56Y (Venarey)
PK 115.3    Venarey-les-Laumes bridge, quay d/s l/b, Nicols hire base, moorings, night €5.20, water €3, shower €3, electricity €3, slipway, restaurant, village 400m l/b, remains of Gallo-Roman town 5km r/b

Arrange here to meet lock-keeper who accompanies boats for the next day and a half (minimum) while locking through from 55Y to 16Y PK 116.0    Lock 55Y (Venarey)
PK 116.3    Bridge (Venarey)
PK 116.6    Lock 54Y (Venarey)
PK 116.9    Lock 53Y (Mussy)
PK 117.5    Lock 52Y (Mussy), bridge
PK 118.2    Lock 51Y (Pouillenay)
PK 118.6    Lock 50Y (Pouillenay)
PK 118.9    Lock 49Y (Pouillenay), basin u/s
PK 119.1    Lock 48Y (Pouillenay)
PK 119.3    Lock 47Y (Pouillenay)
PK 119.6    Lock 46Y (Pouillenay)
PK 119.7    Pouillenay bridge, basin u/s l/b, village 800m r/b
PK 119.9    Lock 45Y (Pouillenay)
PK 120.2    Lock 44Y (Pouillenay), basin u/s l/b
PK 120.4    Lock 43Y (Pouillenay)
PK 120.7    Lock 42Y (Pouillenay)
PK 121.0    Lock 41Y (Pouillenay), bridge
PK 121.3    Lock 40Y (Pouillenay)
PK 121.5    Lock 39Y (Pouillenay)
PK 121.8    Lock 38Y (Pouillenay)
PK 122.1    Lock 37Y (Pouillenay), basin u/s
PK 122.3    Lock 36Y (Chassey)Canal de Bourgogne Pont Royal
PK 122.7    Lock 35Y (Chassey), bridge
PK 122.9    Lock 34Y (Chassey), large basin u/s, overnight mooring if necessary
PK 123.3    Lock 33Y (Chassey)
PK 123.4    Chassey bridge, small village 700m l/b
PK 123.6    Lock 32Y (Chassey), basin u/s l/b
PK 123.9    Railway bridge
PK 124.0    Lock 31Y (Chassey), bridge
PK 124.4    Lock 30Y (Marigny)
PK 124.7    Lock 29Y (Marigny)
PK 125.1    Lock 28Y (Marigny)
PK 125.4    Marigny, lock 27Y, bridge, overnight mooring u/s if necessary
PK 125.8    Lock 26Y (Marigny), basin u/s l/b
PK 126.0    Lock 25Y (Marigny)
PK 126.4    Lock 24Y (Marigny), bridge
PK 127.0    Lock 23Y (Marigny), bridge
PK 127.3    Lock 22Y (Marigny)
PK 127.7    Lock 21Y (Marigny)
PK 128.4    Lock 20Y (Marigny), bridge
PK 128.8    Lock 19Y (Marigny)
PK 129.2    Lock 18Y (Marigny)
PK 129.5    Lock 17Y (Charigny)
PK 129.9    Lock 16Y (Charigny), bridge, end of flight operate by accompanying lock-keeper
PK 131.0    Bridge (Villeneuve-sous-Charigny)
PK 132.3    Lock 15Y (Braux), bridge
PK 132.6    Cutting (La Croisée), one-way traffic for 470m
PK 134.0    Braux bridge, basin d/s r/b, village 700m r/b
PK 134.8    Bridge (Pierre-My)
PK 135.3    Lock 14Y (Braux)
PK 135.5    Cutting (Saucy), one-way traffic for 280m
PK 136.3    Bridge (Saucy)
PK 137.1    Pont-Royal bridge, basin d/s r/b, limited services, small village r/b
PK 137.5    Lock 13Y (Pont Royal)
PK 137.8    Beginning of Creuzot cutting (1130m in length), one-way traffic only (with passing bays) Northern entrance to Pouilly tunnel. PK 138.5    Bridge (D970)
PK 138.6    Bridge (Creusot)
PK 139.0    End of cutting
PK 140.0    Saint-Thibault bridge, basin u/s r/b, village 600m r/b (shop)
PK 141.0    Cutting (Saint-Thibault) 145m long, bridge
PK 142.9    Bridge (D970)
PK 143.8    Beurizot bridge, basin with quay d/s r/b, services, village 400m r/b
PK 145.9    Bridge (D970), basin d/s r/b
PK 146.5    Bridge (Gissey-le-Vieil)
PK 147.9    Lock 12Y (Gissey-le-Vieil), bridge
PK 148.1    Basin (Grandchamp)
PK 148.9    Bridge (Garreau)
PK 149.4    Bridge (Éguilly), castle l/b
PK 149.7    Lock 11Y (Éguilly), regulated flight (one or two lock-keepers on duty from here to the summit level)
PK 150.5    Lock 10Y (Croix-Rouge)
PK 151.3    Lock 9Y (Morons)
PK 151.7    Lock 8Y (Carrons)
PK 152.6    Lock 7Y (Chailly), bridge
PK 153.1    Lock 6Y (Argilas)
Entrance Tunnel Pouilly-en-Auxois
Northern entrance to Pouilly tunnel. Wikipedia Commons

PK 153.4    Lock 5Y (Pelleson)
PK 153.7    Lock 4Y (Cercey), bridge
PK 154.0    Lock 3Y (Champ-Roger)
PK 154.3    Lock 2Y (Lochère)
PK 154.6    Lock 1Y (Pouilly), bridge, beginning of summit level
PK 154.7    Pouilly-en-Auxois basin r/b, mooring for 12 boats, night €4, water, electricity, shower €2, slipway, restaurant, wifi, former tunnel tug in dry dock, village 1500m with all shops
PK 155.1    Beginning of Pouilly cutting (narrow)
PK 155.8    Footbridge
PK 156.0    Pouilly tunnel, northern entrance
PK 159.4    Pouilly tunnel, southern entrance
PK 160.1    Bridge (Lochère)
PK 160.3    End of cutting
PK 160.4    Escommes basin l/b, moorings, water and electricity
PK 160.7    Lock 1S (Escommes), end of summit level, dry lock r/b
PK 161.1    Lock 2S (Sermaize), bridge
PK 161.4    Lock 3S (Rambourg)
PK 161.7    Lock 4S (Grand-Pré)
PK 162.1    Lock 5S (Chevrotte)
PK 162.4    Lock 6S (Chaume)
PK 162.7    Lock 7S (Vachey)
PK 163.1    Lock 8S (Vandenesse), bridge
PK 163.2    Vandenesse-en-Auxois quay l/b, water €4, electricity €5, village r/b, restaurants
PK 163.5    Lock 9S (Fourneau), moorings u/s
PK 163.9    Lock 10S (Mine)
PK 164.2    Châteauneuf bridge, village with 13th century castle 1200m l/b
PK 164.4    Lock 11S (Rêpe)
PK 165.1    Lock 12S (Révin), bridge
PK 165.4    Motorway bridge (A6)
PK 165.9    Lock 13S (Sainte-Sabine)
PK 166.4    Bridge (Sainte-Sabine), quay d/s r/b
PK 167.6    Lock 14S (Bouhey), bridge
PK 168.4    Lock 15S (Fontenis)
PK 169.2    Lock 16S (Crugey)
PK 169.5    Crugey bridge, basin d/s r/b, small village r/b
PK 169.7    Motorway bridge (A6)
PK 170.1    Lock 17S (Rempart)
PK 171.4    Lock 18S (Roche-aux-Fées), bridge
PK 172.0    Lock 19S (Sarrée), bridge
PK 172.5    Bridge (Froideville)
PK 172.6    Pont d’Ouche basin and boat moorings, night €3, water €4, electricity, wifi, small village, restaurant
PK 172.8    Ouche aqueduct
PK 173.1    Lock 20S (Pont d’Ouche)
PK 173.8    Lock 21S (Baugey)
PK 175.1    Lock 22S (Veuvey)
PK 175.7    Veuvey-sur-Ouche bridge, water, quay u/s r/b, village l/b
PK 176.5    Lock 23S (Antheuil)
PK 177.4    Lock 24S (Angles)
PK 179.1    Lock 25S (Forge), bridge
PK 179.6    Lock 26S (Bussière), bridge, water, basin u/s l/b, La Bussière-sur-Ouche 300m l/b
PK 180.2    Lock 27S (Bouchot)
PK 181.3    Lock 28S (Chaume)
PK 182.5    Lock 29S (Saint-Victor), bridge,  Saint-Victor-sur-Ouche 200m r/b
PK 183.9    Lock 30S (Dennevy)
PK 184.5    Bridge
PK 185.0    Lock 31S (Barbirey)
PK 186.2    Lock 32S (Gissey-sur-Ouche), basin d/s r/b, mooring to bollards, night €3 (first night free)
PK 186.5    Gissey-sur-Ouche bridge, small village l/b
PK 187.5    Lock 33S (Saint-Eau)
PK 189.0    Lock 34S (Moulin Banet)
PK 189.8    Lock 35S (Champagne)
PK 190.5    Lock 36S (Sainte-Marie), bridge, village 300m l/b
PK 192.1    Lock 37S (Roche-Canot), moorings d/s l/b
PK 193.5    Lock 38S (Pont-de-Pany), bridge, basin and moorings d/s r/b
PK 194.0    Skew motorway bridge (A38)
PK 194.7    Lock 39S (Chassagne)
PK 195.4    Lock 40S (Morcoeuil)
PK 196.3    Lock 41S (Potet), turning basin d/s r/b
PK 197.4    Fleurey-sur-Ouche bridge, moorings u/s r/b, village r/b
PK 198.0    Lock 42S (Fleurey)
PK 198.7    Disused railway bridge
PK 199.6    Lock 43S (Creux-Suzon)
PK 200.6    Lock 44S (Combe-de-Fain)
PK 201.7    Lock 45S (Velars), bridge
PK 201.8    Velars quay r/b, water and electricity, village l/b over bridge, all services
PK 202.6    Lock 46S (Verrerie)
PK 203.8    Lock 47S (Crucifix)
PK 205.0    Lock 48S (Neuvon)
PK 205.9    Lock 49S (Craie)
PK 206.9    Plombières-lès-Dijon basin l/b, moorings, no services at present, small slipway, village 400m l/b
PK 207.0    Lock 50S (Plombières), bridge
PK 208.0    Motorway bridge (A38)
PK 208.4    Lock 51S (Bruant), mooring d/s l/b for Lac Kir recreational park (no services)
PK 210.2    Lock 52S (Carrières Blanches), bridge
PK 210.5    Lock 53S (Marcs-d’Or), automatic
PK 210.8    Bridge
PK 211.2    Bridge
PK 211.3    Lock 54S (Larrey), footbridge and bridgesDijon junction plan Canal de Bourgogne
PK 212.3    Bridge
PK 212.4    Dijon basin, boat harbour, mooring for 30 boats, night €11, water, electricity, shower €2, town centre 1000m l/b
PK 212.7    Lock 55S (Dijon), bridge
PK 213.3    Bridge (Dijon ring road), former basin d/s r/b
PK 213.5    Railway bridge (main line Dijon-Lyon)
PK 214.1    Footbridge (access to railway yard)
PK 214.9    Lock 56S (Colombière), bridge
PK 215.0    Railway bridge, basin and quay d/s r/b
PK 215.9    Lock 57S (Romelet), new road bridge
PK 216.3    Bridge (N274 motorway spur)
PK 216.7    Longvic bridge, village (Dijon suburb) 500m l/b
PK 217.0    Lock 58S (Longvic)
PK 217.5    Lock 59S (Beauregard), bridge
PK 218.4    Lock 60S (Préville), quay u/s r/b
PK 219.3    Lock 61S (Grand-Ouges), bridge, quay d/s r/b
PK 220.7    Lock 62S (Petit-Ouges), bridge
PK 221.4    Lock 63S (Vernois), automatic

PK 222.0    Motorway bridge (A31)
PK 222.6    Lock 64S (Époisses), bridge, moorings d/s r/b, turning basin l/b
PK 223.6    Lock 65S (Bretenières) with mooring, bridge
PK 225.2    Lock 66S (Rouvres), vhf 20, bridge
PK 226.3    Lock 67S (Thorey), bridge, small village r/b, bakery, little shops, supermarket
PK 227.1    Lock 68S (Combe)
PK 228.2    Lock 69S (Longecourt), vhf 22, bridge, mooring bollards u/s l/b
PK 228.3    Longecourt-en-Plaine basin, silo and quay l/b, village r/b
PK 229.9    Lock 70S (Potangey)
PK 230.6    Bridge (Potangey), mooring d/s l/b
PK 231.8    Lock 71S (Aiserey), vhf 18, bridge
PK 233.1    Lock 72S (Biètre)
PK 235.1    Lock 73S (Pont-Hémery), bridge, quay d/s r/b
PK 236.3    Bridge (Chapelle)
PK 236.9    Lock 74S (Brazey). private quay u/s r/b (old sugar mill)
PK 237.4    Brazey-en-Plaine bridge (Pont de Montot), basin d/s r/b, village 500m r/b
PK 239.6    Lock 75S (Viranne), mechanised, bridge
PK 239.7    Bridge (D968)
PK 240.2    Railway bridge
PK 241.5    Saint-Usage bridge, canal basin with moorings d/s, night €10, dry dock, shipchandler, all services, village 250m l/bSt Jean de Losne junction plan
PK 242.0    Lock 76S (Saint-Jean-de-Losne), VHF 20, bridge
PK 242.1    Saint-Jean-de-Losne, junction with Saône and entrance to canal basin (Gare d’Eau), Le Boat hire base, H2O boat harbour (see plan), 80 berths, night €10, new fuelling station on Saône, water, electricity, shower, crane, slipway, pump-out, repairs, chandlery, restaurant, wifi Mooring St Jean de Losne

Cruises, holidays and vacations on the Burgundy Canal

hotel barges france


Hotel barges are elegant and supremely comfortable, converted from traditional vessels or created as cruising boutique hotels from new. You’ll experience the smoothest of relaxing week-long vacations in high style looked after by an expert captain, professional masterchef, knowledgeable local excursions guide and attentive English-speaking cabin staff.
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Hiring your own cruising boat is an ideal way to explore and experience the pleasures and treasures that the French waterways have to offer. Hire boats come in different sizes, to suit a couple, a family or you and your friends, and your ‘hands on the wheel’ holiday can be arranged from start to finish by any of the reputable companies to be found on

self-drive canal boat rentals map
Base locations map – North/West Burgundy