World Canals Conference Toulouse 2013

The 26th World Canals Conference (WCC) convened by Inland Waterways International will take place in Toulouse from 16th-19th September 2013. France’s ‘Ville Rose’ is pulling out all the stops to make the event even more memorable than previous conferences of which the most recent were Yangzhou, China in 2012 and Groningen, Holland in 2011.

About 40 speaker presentations will take place at the conference itself, with contributions from Europe, Asia, and North and South America. Major stakeholder participants will include the French state and – naturally – VNF.

Outside the venue itself there are two, slightly more public, events. The first is the Village Fluvial exhibition of stands and displays at Port Saint-Sauveur, centred around the VNF barge La Naïade. The second is the DBA (Barge Association) rally of some 25 historic and modern liveaboard barges, moored at the same location.

Before and after the conference, Euromapping is also organising a series of related tours and visits, led by waterways expert David Edwards-May, in collaboration with So Toulouse.

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