(Opinions from a research population of 1,277 travel industry stakeholders participating at WTM 2013, London and of 1,001 UK holidaymakers who took an at least seven-day break in 2013)

What the Travel Trade thinks

  • 89% of tourist sector professionals are Fairly or Very optimistic about the prospects for 2014.
  • Incoming tourist receipts for Europe are forecast to double, 2014 performance indicators compared with 2012.
  • ‘Superior Authenticity’ is an important criteria in the decision to select a European holiday.
  • Countries with a growing tourist sector significance
    21% China
    16% Russia
    13% India and Brazil

Customer Opinion

  • 39% of UK holidaymakers would only consider ‘short haul’ (closer to home) travel following the April 2014 increase in A.P.D (Air Passenger Duty – tax)
  • The key resources that UK holidaymakers use, in planning and choosing a holiday are:
    – Peer Review (eg Trip Advisor) – 27%
    – Personal Recommendation – 18%
    – Tourist Board Websites – 14%
    – Guide Books** – 14%
    – Travel Magazines – 5%
    **59% of UK holidaymakers purchase and use traditional printed guide books. DK (Dorling Kindersley) are re-launching their travel guides series.
  • Cruise holidays are the fastest growing element in the global tourism sector.
  • 62% of UK holidaymakers view the cruise concept favourably – 23% have been on a cruise and liked it and
    39%** haven’t been but would like to. ** Compared with 32% who do not like the idea.
    Quite apart from the encouraging and positive attitude towards cruising as such, we also surmise that negative feelings may be more related to ‘big ship’ marine cruising than the smaller-scale, more intimate, reality of a ‘small ship’ river cruise or (even more so) a hotel barge charter.

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